Anmeldung/Registration Hike & Fly Camp Rheintal 2016


Declaration of Consent

  1. I have an international valid paragliding licence with a valid and up to date third liability insurance.
  2. It is ok for me that the club "Gleitschirmverein Staufen Dornbirn" is not liable for any injuries and accidents. The club only offers locals who show the way to the take off, which includes public transport system and possible hiking trails. I will decide my decision for take off myself and I am totally responsible for my flight safety. If I don´t feel ok, I will turn back without flying on my own.
  3. I have enough flying experience to launch in demanding and alpine circumstances.
  4. I will pay EUR 50,00 at the venue in Dornbirn, the payment includes accomodation, public  transport fees and the hikes during the camp.
  5. The whole camp will not be guided from instructors. No landing zones will be visited and explained!